#138 – Transgender People in Prisons

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This week we’re talking with Nell Gaither, president of the Trans Pride Initiative out of Dallas, Texas. Her organization does lots of work to support the trans community, but we’re talking this week about the unique ways incarceration affects transgender people.

Transgender people in prisons has been a higher profile subject in recent years. Chelsea Manning‘s case was highly publicized after she came out in a military prison. CeCe McDonald is a trans woman who was sent to prison after defending herself from a hate crime. These cases and others have brought the issue more into the public consciousness.

We talk with Nell about the ways transgender inmates are treated differently by the system, and how rules meant to protect vulnerable populations can actually be used against trans people in the prison system.

Organizations to check out: Anarchist Black Cross Federation, Prison Activist Resource Center, Critical Resistance, Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee

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Last modified: January 17, 2018

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#138 – Transgender People in Prisons

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